The best times to visit Rajasthan

The best times to visit Rajasthan

The culturally rich and ethnically well endowed state of Rajasthan is an ideal choice for every season and appeals heavily to people of every age group and geography! Full of historic sights, gorgeous monuments and picturesque sights; Rajasthan has an exemplary beauty that stays fresh and appeals to the visitor at all times!Since the state is naturally wonderful and has no dearth of scenic beauty and panoramic views, it is pliable to visit Rajasthan any time during the year!But some months multiply twofold the natural reserves of ancient victorian beauty Rajasthan possesses!

One of these is Winters!

The winters bring out truly the best of Rajasthan! With chills in the air, the sun soaked atmosphere will greatly appeal to visitors. It’s also a perfect time to go street strolling as the winter airs guard you from being exposed to too much sun.

The street food stalls are all filled with delicious Gond Laddus and Mawa Kachoris during this time, have some to top off your winter treat!

Another best time to visit Rajasthan is the Monsoon, between July-September. The festival of Teej, Gangaur and Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated during this time, and the streets are all filled with children playing and splashing in the waters!

It’s also a great time to explore the Nahargarh and Jaigarh hilltop forts as the rocky terrain smoothes down during the rains and the lush green grass around makes it a perfect picnic spot.

Besides these, you can gorge on seasonal delicacies such as Daal ke Pakode with spicy coriander and chilly chutney, besan pakodas with tea and Mirchi Vada with a smack of hot raabdi!

Summers, don’t offer very much creative impetus to travelers, as the Rajasthan heat can be scorching! Travelers are generally advised to opt for safaris and day tours during the months of March to June, periods of extensive heat in Rajasthan!

However, travelers can still avail the benefits of a day safari in a respectable tour bus, or can chill out at the Jal Mahal’s extensive resort settings!Witnessing the Hawa Mahal and the ancient Amber Fort is also one of the top things you can do in Rajasthan during the summers!All said and done, Rajasthan is a state overflowing with rich culture and traditional values, ample bouts of generosity and mesmerizing, gorgeous sights! All this beauty and adventure should never be overlooked, the seasons notwithstanding. Visit this beautiful, magnanimous land of the Rajputanas, and you’ll just what royalty is made up of!


Book a cab now, and revel in this culturally exuberant state of Rajasthan with us!


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