Things to pack while visiting Jaipur

Things to pack while visiting Jaipur

While visiting the pink city, the capital of Rajasthan and the pride of Rajputs, Jaipur; one must consider the top things to pack in their travel cases. Often, visitors wonder what all is going to go inside their suitcases when they’re ready to level a certain city. It’s imperative that you know where you’re visiting and what all you’d need, after all, it’s better late than sorry!We bring you a list of articles to pack while visiting this city of wonders, Jaipur!


An Umbrella/raincoat, just in case

If you’re visiting Jaipur in the months of July-September, you might witness a lot of rainfall! Not too much perhaps, but enough to ruin your clothes, your shoes and your plans for the day! So,  we as your best friends, would advise you to pack an umbrella just in case it rains all over your good intentions!



During the times it’s not raining in Jaipur, it’s scorching sun! If you’re sensitive about the radiations and the heat hitting your eyes, it’s advisable to bring along sunglasses for your dalliance in jaipur.

If somehow you have forgotten to include this item in your bag, worry not, for Jaipur has various shops hoarding extensive range of branded, premium quality sunglasses in their stock!


Cotton Clothes, plenty of them!

Because Rajasthan’s extensively hot most of the year, it’s only smart to carry cotton clothes with you, as much as you can. Wear colorful, extravagant clothing if you feel like as this is a most vibrant city, but be sure to pack an abundance of traditional outfit changes too.


Summer Coat & Sunscreen lotions

The heat here can give you unrelenting, stubborn tans. If you wouldn’t like to return to your hometown with a ‘Sunburned look’, you’d better pack a few summer coats and sunscreen lotions right away!



Oops, we just got lost in the essentials, but this is the most important item you must carry in your backpack. The exquisite beauty of this city, the gorgeous magnificence of its monuments and its reverberant nightlife will give you umpteen moments to click and store in a tangible form. Do make sure the camera you’re carrying is of a premium quality and good focus resolutions in order to capture great pictures!


Mosquito Repellent, for those tiny mischief mongers!

The climate of Rajasthan is hot and arid for most of the year, leading to a dense population of mosquitoes and other insects whose bites could lead to serious illnesses in some cases. To protect yourself from any unfortunate illness, it’s better if you stock an amiable quantity of Mosquito repellent mixtures like odomos etc. in your luggage for applying while you’re out exploring the city!


Hand Sanitizer

It’s always advisable to carry along a portable hand sanitizer with you while visiting someplace new, as one can’t be too sure of the sanitary conditions in the new city. Always make sure to rinse your hands off with a hand sanitizer before eating something while in Jaipur, as in every place.

So there, that’s the list of some items you’d need to stock in your luggage before you visit Jaipur, and while we are at it, why not help us plan your Jaipur trip for you? Book a Cab with Hippo now and enjoy the adventure in one of the most happening cities of Rajasthan!

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