Tips for travellers in Jaipur

Tips for travellers in Jaipur

Jaipur’s diversified, multifaceted culture beckons travelers from even the far flung regions of the world. The art, multifarious cuisine and the elegant etiquettes of this royal, pink city speak for themselves.

As a visitor to Jaipur from somewhere out of the periphery of Rajasthan or even India(really, it’s no surprise!), we bring you a traveler’s guide to help you remember some of the hacks & customs while in the magnificent city of Jaipur.


Customs & Etiquettes:

While visiting Jaipur, do make sure you follow the required cultural direction in the city. Foreign visitors are advised not to wear flashy, barely-there clothing as this could not go down well with the locals of Jaipur. Also, couples traveling to Jaipur will be better off not making public shows of affection, as the city is predominantly hindu and it could lead to unpleasant altercations with the locals.

Men are requested to don a subdued, if a bit colorful, clothing, mostly along the lines of Tees and Knickers, for foreigners might find the city too hot.

While conversing with locals, keep in mind the etiquette with which to greet them, as the city is inhabited by the descendants of the heroic, Rajputs!

If you’re exploring the old city area, it’s advisable to hire a bilingual tour guide to help you with directions and places, as language barrier might prove troublesome in Jaipur.



INR or the Indian Rupees are the de facto currency here in Jaipur, and currency exchange can be made 24X7 at Jaipur International Airport and a few other exchange bureaus. It is advisable to keep money in small quantities while traveling in the city. Foreigners should carry their exchange cards and credit cards around to pay, and whatever money needs to be carried, must be carried in changes and small money as it is very difficult to secure change while shopping in the marketplaces around Jaipur.



The weather of Jaipur suits that of a desert state. It is arid, dry and hot most of the time, especially during the summer season that falls during the months of June, July and August! Visitors traveling to Jaipur during this time are advised to carry summer friendly, loose fitting cotton clothing to sport. For travelers visiting during the rainy season, it’d be better to carry rain coats, wind blockers, block proof shoes and other rain paraphernalia with you to avoid walking into puddles created along the roadsides during heavy rains.

The caution should last only a few moments as rains generally don’t fall heavily or last longer here.

The months of November-March are arguably the best time to visit this city, as the weather is cold yet welcoming, and the entire city is veiled beneath a thick layer of fog that makes it an enchanting, captivating sight to witness!



The best means of transportation in Jaipur is by local Auto-Rickshaws, taxis and autos. Make sure you decide on the fare before boarding any transport facility in Jaipur, as Autowallas are generally inclined to asking much more than what they’re actually worth. A map guide or enquiring with a local about the distance and the respective fares might be helpful.

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Enjoy the varieties Jaipur has to offer with gorgeous, admirable places to visit, bountiful & delicious food to eat, splendid, multifaceted markets to shop at and the thousand and one exciting things to do.
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